Online Business Services


Revolutionize your Online Business with Custom VA Solutions!

Running a successful business can be a rewarding, yet challenging, endeavor - especially if you're currently completing all the day-to-day tasks yourself, or you're working with a scattered team of freelancers, contractors and virtual assistants.

If you need more time during the day to meet with clients, to manage important projects, or just need more personal time to spend with family, why not consider hiring Custom VA Solutions to oversee many (if not all) of the most important facets of your online business operations such as administration, marketing, graphic design, customer support and so on?

We provide an exceptional all-in-one service that can ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently (and virtually!) at all times, so rather than spend countless hours each day coordinating with multiple freelancers and contractors, you can simply contact your Custom VA Solutions expert project  manager to provide additional instruction, enquire about the status of our projects or assign new tasks. 

By engaging our services (which include the expertise of the extremely talented individuals on the Custom VA Solutions Team), you'll know the job will get done on schedule and almost invariably within budget too.


If you already know what you need, that's brilliant! If not, don't worry, we know all the right questions to ask and we'll be working closely with you to determine what we need to refine, put in place and create to grow your business quickly. 

Our Core Services

Essentially, we provide support in three essential areas of any online product or services based business - administrative, marketing, and creative services. From managing your online business operations to building brand awareness, to creating written and visual content, we're prepared to provide the services your business needs to expand and quite honestly, thrive. 

Our goal is a simple one - to help you run a more efficient, scalable online enterprise. Depending on your business model, this may mean overseeing and managing large projects or simply completing daily administrative tasks, so by working virtually - and globally, we're well positioned to consistently meet your requirements on time, regardless of the challenges that may arise. 

Furthermore, by providing these services all under one roof so to speak, we can effortlessly communicate with each other in-house to coordinate tasks and projects with a degree of efficiency and team work rarely seen in the online world. This means significantly less time spent on internal communications and noticeably faster results for your business. 

What Does This Mean For YOU, Personally?


For you, running a successful business may mean providing a future for your family, having more time to travel, building relationships or devoting more resources to charitable causes. Of course, the freedom a successful business provides means something different to everyone and we want you and your business to succeed in whatever capacity you're aiming for. To sum it up, we have the skills, experience, dedication and passion to help make your business even more successful, in every way.

Are We A Good Fit For Your Business?


To determine if we can help you, we'll initially have a consultation together either via email, phone or video conference. This initial consultation allows us to get a better idea of the scope of your business, your personal requirements, and of course, whether or not we're compatible. If I believe we can help you at this stage, we'll then suggest the most appropriate service package - and answer any and all of your outstanding questions about how we operate as a one sourcing team. 

All of our service packages include an assigned (and experienced!) project manager to manage and oversee specific projects and a number of team members, each with their individual talents and roles. Because every business is different, each service package can be tailored to suit your specific requirements as they are right now, and scaled up as your business grows in future. 

Through working together we may discover that your business requires additional services, in specific areas, to best ensure smooth overall operations and we'll address these as and when they arise. Additionally, your business consultant will continuously communicate with you to determine how well our services meet the requirements of your business, and of course, your expectations too! For example, it's not uncommon for a growing business to require additional administrative services in both scale and scope for customer support via a dedicated Support Desk, for instance Zendesk, through adding FAQs, establishing workflows and in an overall sense managing the increasing number and variability of interactions that occur on a daily basis.

Who's On Your Team?

Your specific Custom VA Solutions Team will consist of a dedicated group of exceedingly talented individuals, each having specific skill sets that contribute to our being able to effectively manage your online business operations, and continuously streamline them too. Our team members are located in various geographical locations in the United States, and it's important to note that we typically work regular business hours to support your business. 

4 Key Points to Remember

To ensure a solid business relationship from the start, we ask that you recognize and respect the following: 

Limitations of the Virtual Workspace

 Since we all work virtually and, in some cases, in varying time zones, we cannot commit to working a traditional 9 to 5 workday. Instead, we will complete our work within agreed-upon deadlines and milestones. We strive to resolve any issues, to answer your questions, and to provide any additional information that you may request within 24 to 48 hours, although this is oftentimes sooner.  

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

 Currently, we do not provide bookkeeping services. However, we will work closely with your bookkeeper or accountant to provide information they may require such as sales invoices, receipts and other business-related documentation upon request.  

'Real Time' Services

We do not provide services that require 'real time' attendance - for example, making or answering office phone calls, attending meetings in-person or attending conferences. However, we will moderate 'live' webinars as necessary, as well as actively troubleshoot any technical difficulties during a webinar that could prevent participants from enjoying their experience 

Collaborating with Third-Party Services

We provide all-inclusive business operations and administrative services - we don't collaborate with 3rd party services or other teams you may want to hire to perform the same or similar tasks we're being hired to complete. However, if you want to hire a contractor for a specific project that falls outside the duties assigned to our team, we'll be happy to work with them to ensure they have what they need to proceed.

We created this policy to prevent misunderstandings between you and our team - which can become quite commonplace when you introduce 3rd parties, and to ensure the standard of our work remains extremely high at all times.

Overall, we continuously endeavor to ensure you have the best experience possible with ourCustom VA Solutions services, and we can only do this if we have internal control of the workflows involved, our in-house team and the standard of service that's delivered to you.